I’m Cherie McCollough

Professor and Chair
Department of Life Sciences
Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi


I am a Professor at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi (TAMUCC), teaching at this institution for 13 years.  I’m a very passionate educator who teaches all TAMUCC future teachers what they need to know about science, about science teaching and how to teach science with passion in a way that addresses the very diverse classrooms in our public school system. I also teach large lecture introductory biology courses.  Science is a subject that is filled with ways to teach creatively and with relevance and engagement. I convey this to my future Early Childhood teachers as well as future elementary and middle school and high school teachers. I also conduct a great deal of professional development in Kindergarten-12th grade schools in and around the Coastal Bend and throughout South Texas. In addition, I teach our College of Science and Engineering faculty how to use student- centered instruction in their classrooms, using the principles of How People Learn and bringing these principles of instruction to each and every lesson. I LOVE to teach and as a result, have received several awards in teaching excellence. Most importantly, I have helped many students find an interest and passion in science, finding the relevance of science so many of their personal lived experiences.

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